Pera Palace Hotel - Historical Part, Grand Opening

Architectural Projection Mapping | Grand Opening - Historical Part

Pera Palace Hotel, Grand Opening / Istanbul
October 29th, 2010

Client: Pera Palace Hotel


Pera Palace Hotel celebrates its opening night and 87th republic day of Turkey within an architectural video projection mapping show. The project's concept is based on two parts, abstract and historical, and all of the visuals are prepared by NOTA BENE Visual. Through the show, spectators can come across surprisingly with famous guests from history such as; Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, Greta Garbo and Mustafa Kemal ATATURK.

Istanbul resident and Levantine architect Alexander Vallaury designed the hotel in neo-classical, art nouveau and oriental styles, giving Pera Palace its timeless, refined look.

Pera Palace Hotel, was home to many firsts. Apart from the Ottoman Palaces, it was the first building to have electricity as well as the first electric elevator. British writer Daniel Farson described the elevator in these words: “It is the most beautiful elevator in the world made of cast iron and wood... It ascends like a lady who curtsies. Tourists can not take their eyes off this utterly pretty and aristocrat elevator.” Bathrooms that provided the only running hot water in the city were also privileges exclusive to Pera Palace Hotel guests. Tall spacious rooms lit by magnificent chandeliers were host to many unforgettable tea and dance parties.

Pera Palace Hotel, a significant prominent symbol of Istanbul's urban culture for over a hundred years, was also witness to many historical events such as World War I, the Occupation of Istanbul, the Turkish War of Independence, the founding of the Turkish Republic and World War II.